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T & T Creative Imagez 360 Photo Booth is the perfect addition to any corporate event, grand opening, wedding, private party, or anyone looking to separate their events from the rest.  The 360 booth will capture every angle of beauty and fun at your event. This shareable content is sure to catch your guests' followers eyes on social media.The 360 Platform can accommodate up to 5 people at once. With our Epic Slow-Mo Feature and Super-Fast video processing, the 360 booth provides High Resolution videos with Stunning Visuals and Added Music for the Ultimate Social Share.


Why Choose The 360 Video Booth for Your Event?


When a customer rents a 360 video booth, they typically get the following features and services:

  1. 360-degree Camera: A high-quality 360-degree camera is used to capture the entire scene and record the video.

  2. Customizable Backdrops: The video booth usually provides customizable backdrops to match the theme of the event or create a unique setting for the video.

  3. Props: A variety of fun props are usually provided to enhance the video experience and make it more interesting.

  4. Editing and Post-Production: The video booth rental company typically handles the editing and post-production of the video to create a final product that is polished and ready to share.

  5. Sharing Options: The video booth typically includes options for sharing the final video via email, text message, and social media platforms.

  6. Attendant: A professional attendant is usually present to assist customers with the video booth and ensure that everything runs smoothly.

  7. Setup and Take Down: The video booth is set up and taken down by the rental company, and all equipment is provided.

Overall, customers get a fun and interactive way to capture memories of their event, with a high-quality 360-degree video that can be shared and enjoyed long after the event has ended. The customizable backdrops and props make it even more enjoyable and personalized.

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